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In some situations it is recommendable to work individually with people, for example, when they are going through a specific situation where they have to defend themselves, but they can’t come to a regular course. Or when there is a time limitation and they need to learn very quickly. Sometimes, it also happens that a person needs to “unlearn” something that they have assimilated that is making it hard for them to learn in a normal group class. In terms of self-defense, this is mainly for people who are having current difficulties due to a traumatic situation in the present or the past.

Individual processes are also appropriate for people who want to put more energy into a specific subject because they really want to change something, and they want support to do so.

I believe that we can’t change other people, we can only change our own actions and attitudes, and we mainly do this by paying closer attention to what we do. When we stop doing what we don’t want to do, it opens a space that allows us to do something different, to be different from how we were before.

Individually, I mainly work with the Grinberg Method, which is a structured way of teaching through the body. Using touch, breathing, movement, and exercises, it is possible to help people become more aware of what they do, and to recognize and stop repetitive behaviors that limit them.


Examples of subjects for individual work:

Physical pain
An acute situation of gender violence
The feeling of being stuck or a difficulty related to a past experience
A repetitive mood
Difficulty in negotiating or defending oneself verbally
A specific situation that has occurred several times
A habit that you would like to break

You can try a first visit free of charge to see if this type of individual work is suitable for you.